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BuyBot & EmpowerLinked Partnership

EmpowerLinked has partnered with BuyBot Medical Billing Services to provide efficient & exceptional

medical billing & marketing packages. Our goal is to support & empower medical professionals to empower their staff, have a longer reach and to provide the best care for their patients. 


Indeed, we are very happy to announce that BuyBot has partnered with EmpowerLinked.

EmpowerLinked is proved as trusted partner for all your advertising needs. They developed an unique online and offline marketing multichannel. Promote your property, business or organization online and offline with your own QR codes and website to our growing network of digital screens, booklets, partner pages, digital radio and social media posts.

BuyBot BuyBot Medical Billing Services is a HIPPA compliant reputable and reliable full practice management consultant company. With the support of a national group that serves over 500 practices nationwide, we offer personalized consulting services such as Pay Now, Credential Now, Medical Supplies, EMR Now, Bill Now, and Compliance Now. 

Medical Specialists


Our goal

We aim to empower medical professionals to provide the best care to their patients to enable people fullfill their mission in life.


1. EmpowerLinked will provide unique and comprehensive communication and marketing services to enhance the reach the reach of medical professionals more than ever before.  

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2. BuyBot will provide exceptional billing and management consulting services that empower medical professional to provide better services to their patients.  

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3. Together we will provide personalized billing and marketing expertise and empowering tools that helps medical professionals excel in their practice and provide the best care for their patients. 

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